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Net Profit is a  management consulting firm specializing in profit and revenue growth along with operational improvement.

We help organizations solve business challenges that will enable sustainable growth and healthy operational efficiency.

We provide solutions in the areas of accounting and operations for companies in the manufacturing,  wholesale/retail, and non-profit industries.

We will help you increase profit and sales/revenue, manage cash flow, improve operations, write and implement systems and procedures, and work with your team to implement our solutions.

We provide results, not reports.

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Our services are expertly tailored to your exact needs.

Our team has faced challenges such as: turning around non-profit organizations, working with companies that are struggling with cash flow issues, obtaining financing for working capital and plant expansions, finding new lending institutions, relocating businesses and setting up manufacturing contracts in foreign countries.

We’re not afraid of business challenges, in fact, we welcome them. From business basics to high-level strategy, we help you develop and strengthen the foundation on which your company can grow and reach its potential.

At Net Profit we take a proactive, not reactive approach in solving business problems, and that separates us from other consulting firms. Plus, we offer fixed rate billing, no hourly fees to pay and track.

We focus on what we’re good at, we don’t try to be all things to all people.

You’ll actually enjoy doing business with us!


At Net Profit we are dedicated to helping business leaders define, and then solve strategic issues, accelerate growth, and improve their revenue, profitability, and cash flow.


Cash flow, working capital, profitability, sales and marketing can be difficult to manage even in a strong economy. We can help.


We are an independent management consulting firm. We are not a provider of outsourced services, software or hardware technology. Nor are we a public accounting firm. Since we are an independent advisory company, we are unbiased and focused on our clients.

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