Why do companies choose to work with us at Net Profit? In many ways, the answer is actually quite simple.

We offer more than thirty years of relevant and practical experience in several industries such as wholesale and retail, automotive, manufacturing and non-profit. We have served in various roles in these industries, such as, Controller, CFO, CEO, President, as well as serving on boards of directors as President, Treasurer, and Vice President.

With this experience we have been fortunate to have been involved in all aspects of business. This enables us to give our clients an opinion based on an all-encompassing background of work experience.

We bring a laid back and relaxing approach to our consulting practice. This enables us to meet and work with executives in a manner that promotes openness and self-awareness, which enables the executive to work with an open mind and eliminates defensiveness.

We are able to accomplish this because of the fact that we have sat on “both sides of the desk” and because we have served and worked in all aspects of business.

We believe in creating a team environment which in its true essence creates an atmosphere of accountability among all of the employees and the management team. The key to the success of this lies with the Chief Executive, who must be able to effectively communicate the mission or purpose of the organization to the workforce.

Once the message is effectively communicated, the employees need to endorse and believe in the mission or purpose.

Once this is accomplished, accountability will be established, and each employee will hold each other accountable.

This is the first step in creating a team that will and can accomplish the goals and standards set by the management team.

Some of the best business leaders lead by the sheer force of their personality and do succeed, but the success only lasts until the employees finally tire of this method and soon are there to collect their pay or until another job becomes available on the outside.

We come in and review all aspects of a company, meet with management and employees, and put together a strategy and recommendations which we review with the team.

We enjoy working with people and we look forward to working with your company in the future. We offer a free initial consultation which enables us to get to know each other before a formal engagement letter is offered and executed.

Contact us and we will work with you on growing and making your business more profitable.


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